In ancient Japan, in the 17th century, the samurai developed special exercises to help them using their sword successfully at a sudden threat in the house or on the street. Under the influence of zen buddhism these exercise forms were refined to profound teaching systems: they left their warlike origin and won spiritual depth. They became iaido, the way of the sword.
As every traditional martial art, iaido is practised as kata, a fixed sequence of cuts, thrusts and strikes in a fight against an imaginary opponent. Usually iado is practised on your own with a iaito, an unsharpened japanese sword. Later you will also use a shinken or katana, a real sword. Sometimes you practise with a partner, using wooden swords.
Iaido is a permanent change between calmness and movement. While you try innumerable times to gain perfection in your movements, you will train perception, control and timing. You will develop personality, clarity of the spirit, calmness and concentration. It is very important to find harmony between body, mind and sword.

Jodo, the way of the stick, is a japanese martial art, using a wooden stick aganinst a sword attack. Jodo is practised by two partners. One of them is using the jo, a 128 cm long wooden stick. The other partner uses the tachi, a wooden sword.
Traditionally you practise kata: a fixed combination of movements and techniques. The goal of training is not only reaching effective techniques but also control of the body and precision in movement. Jodo increases your awareness, alertness and power of concentration. It is practised with respect for the opponent and trains character and personality.

last update: 27 March 2011


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